A principle goal of the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Foundation, Inc. and it’s restoration of the Ritter Homestead is to “Provide office and service space to non-profits committed to serving neighborhood needs and offer assistance to local residents.”  To that end we currently accommodate the following organizations.




In April 2021, the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana moved into offices on the first floor of the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace. In January 2023, they expanded to additional office space on the second floor.

The goal of the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana is to end homelessness in southern Indiana.  According to their website, they seek to “build a community of collaboration. Through education, advocacy, and awareness, we want each member of the community to know they have a role to play.”  They actively “work with local government, organizations, businesses, and other volunteers to coordinate services to those homeless and at-risk. Through collaboration and partnership with our community, we minimize the time an indivisual spends homeless.”

For more information, visit https://www.soinhimeless.org/ 



The Community Music Alliance orchestra and choir has rehearsed regularly at the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Neighborhood Resource Center since 2017.

The purpose of the orchestra is to allow more experienced musicians to come together with beginners, or those who’ve not played for a long time, creating a nurturing and teaching environment that helps each member to grow, learn, and be inspired.

Dust off that old instrument in the back of your closet, and come join us!

  • Orchestra rehearses in Community Room every Sunday evening.
  • Choral group rehearses in Community Room every Monday evening.


Learn more at www.communitymusicalliance.com.



A neighborhood troop of the Girl Scouts meets regularly in the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Neighborhood Resource Center.