The Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Foundation Inc is making their newly renovated Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) available to 501(c) (3) organizations throughout the community at no cost for meetings and events. If interested, contact us NOW by email  and see the Neighborhood Resource Center tab on this website..

The Cardinal Ritter Birthplace is located at 13th and Oak Streets in New Albany, IN. Entrance to the NRC and Open House is at the rear of the property.

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Vatican Photos from the Private Collection of the Cardinale Gentiluomo (Gentleman of the Cardinal)
A Historical Essay 

     On a cold December 14, 1960, a personal letter from Pope John XXIII arrived in St. Louis addressed to Archbishop Joseph Ritter. It contained notice that he was selected to be elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals at a Vatican Consistory in January 1961. Ritter, a native of New Albany, Indiana, who had been ordained priest, bishop, and archbishop of the Indianapolis archdiocese, would soon become Joseph Cardinal Ritter. Thus, he was destined to be counted among the 88 prelates around the world whose threefold job was to council the pope, aid in the governance of the Church, and when necessary, elect a new pope.

Twenty-seven days later, January 10, an entourage of dignitaries from the Archdiocese of St. Louis and a contingent from New Albany, Indiana that included family members and clergy, boarded a chartered flight for a 15-day odyssey to Rome.     (READ MORE for full story)


Cardinal Ritter, America again needs your wisdom, your courage, and your guidance.
Today we implore your help to bring fairness, equality, and civility to our nation.
Instill in each of us the compassion and understanding necessary to bring,
as you often said, “
equality of every soul before Almighty God.”
Intercede for us to the Father, that He will grant us healing and
answer our plea with peace.  Amen.

*    *    *

Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Foundation, Inc. (CRBFI) was created in 2004 as a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating and maintaining the Ritter house, telling the story of Cardinal Ritter, and preserving the remarkable legacy of this native son of New Albany, Indiana. (See MISSION/GOALS)  (See BOARD OF DIRECTORS)

Today, more than 50 years since Cardinal Ritter’s 1967 passing, the CRBF strives to mirror his legacy in the place where he was born. The Ritter family house and bakery storefront has been tastefully renovated. Since April 2021 the HOMELESS COALITION OF SOUTHERN INDIANA has occupied the ground-floor offices.  Since May 2021 COMMUNITY ACTION OF SOUTHERN INDIANA has occupied the upstairs offices.  See TENANTS for more information about each.